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Is The Drought Over? 

After a year of record rainfalls and improved conditions throughout much of the state of California , many Southern Californians and in particular Ventura County residents  are under the impression the drought is over.

This belief has some residents questioning why we still have drought restrictions in place and why there is a need for continuing conservation. As this extended 7 year drought continued Ventura County's water community was consistent in its message that one year of rain fall would not be sufficient to pull us out of overdraft conditions in our groundwater basins, nor would any amount of rainfall be sufficient to offset the rights to water we have lost as result of the host of new regulatory and environmental laws.

We will need to continue to develop new long term water supply solutions that lessen our reliance on local groundwater sources and imported state water. These new supply solutions such as recycled water, brackish water treatment and storm water capture all come at a cost.

While most of California is "out of the drought" Ventura County and the majority of Southern California remains in a condition of moderate to severe drought conditions. The link below will take you to the Us Drought Monitor website where a graph demonstrates the region and its current conditions.