News Briefs

February 2018 NEWS BRIEF

Please note the office will be closed on February 19th in observance of the President's Day holiday.

February Board Meeting is on February 13th at 6:00pm.


Emergency Phone Numbers-

Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies 911     Sheriff Dispatch(non emergency) 654-9511

 Highway Patrol Dispatch  477-4174             Animal Control                      388-4341

 Code Enforcement          654-2788               Road Maint/Sand Removal         672-2131

 Flood Control (after hrs.)  477-1511             Harbor Dept/Beach Maint.        973-5959

 Hollywood Beach School    986-8720        Water, Sewer, Trash Serv.      985-6021

 Injured Marine Mammals   567-1505           Watershed Protection/Flood      654-2069