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Tsunami Evacuation Map

Tsunami Evacuation Map
If you hear a Tsunami Warning issued over a loudspeaker
If a strong earthquake knocks you to the ground,
evacuate the area IMMEDIATELY! 
1. Head north on Victoria Avenue, toward the mountains.  There will probably be traffic jams immediately, so be prepared to travel by bicycle or by foot. 
2. The Navy has now agreed to provide evacuation routes through the base. You can now make a right turn into the Port Hueneme Naval Base via the Marina Gate, which is directly across from the Coast Guard Station.
3. If there is a large crowd gathered at the Marina Gate, proceed farther north to the traffic light at Curlew Way, where you can enter the base via the Victoria Gate.  Remember that a car may not be the appropriate means of travel during a tsunami evacuation. 
4. You will be directed by base personnel along the route which will take you out of the tsunami inundation (flooding) zone. You must obey all orders given by base personnel while on the base.
5. If you are located in Fisherman's Wharf, north of the Victoria Gate, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL SOUTH ON VICTORIA AVENUE! Instead, proceed north, toward the mountains, to Channel Islands Boulevard and turn right, traveling eastward until you reach Ventura road. There you will be out of the inundation (flooding) zone.