Smart Water Meters- Coming Fall 2018.pdf

The District is replacing nearly 2,000 mechanical meters with new Advanced Smart Meters. A "smart" water meter is a measuring device that can store and transmit consumption data frequently, much like gas and electrical meters. "Smart" meters can be read remotely and more frequently, providing instant access to water consumption information for both customers and water utilities.

Estimated project schedule:

  • Silverstrand - September and November
  • Hollywood by the Sea - November and December
  • Hollywood Beach - December and January
  • Harbor - January through April

Project Contact: 
Deputy General Manager/ Operations Manager Pete Martinez 


E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters Animation Video



Question: Will I experience any interruptions to service?

Answer: Interruptions to service are expected to last 30 minutes per home and will take place during business hours.

Question: Who will be replacing my meter?

Answer: The District will be utilizing contractor services (National Meter Inc.,) to assist with the installation of the new meters. Contractors will be identifiable with a company uniform and will be overseen by District staff.

Question: Why is the District replacing water meters?

Answer: The average age of the District’s meters is approximately 15 years old, with some being in service over 20 years, and beyond their useful life. The American Water Works Association recommends replacing mechanical meters every 10 years. When evaluating new meters to install, the District selected a meter that would provide residents with real-time data on their water usage. Over the life the meter, the cost of the meter is about $1.50 per month, per home. The meter data will give residents the opportunity to monitor their water usage throughout the month and make adjustments as needed. Furthermore, the meters will be able to notify residents of any leaks, reducing water waste and costs.


This project page will be updated as the project gets underway.