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Rate Sheet 19-20.pdf

How do our rates compare to our neighbors?

In November 2017, the District conducted a Rate Survey to see how our rate compare to our neighbors. Below is a link to the presentation. It is important to note that the District's Water, Sewer, & Trash Enterprises will remain solvent based on the adopted rate schedule. Additionally, many agencies included in the survey are preparing for significant rate adjustments in 2018 and 2019 to remain solvent. The survey compares bill totals for water and sewer only.

2018 Rate Survey.pdf


What is a Proposition 218 Notice?

Per California Law (Proposition 218), the District is required to notice all customers prior to any adopted increase in rates. This notice, commonly referred to as a Proposition 218 Notice, set rates for a five-year period between 2016 and 2021. 

CI Beach prop 218.pdf


 How are rates made?

Rates are developed by performing a Cost of Service Study (COS Study). A COS Study considers the District's operational costs, capital needs, bond coverage needs, and host of other factors to determine the District's revenue requirement. Next, it analyzes which types of users are incurring costs for the agency, and appropriately assigns those costs to that customer class. The full report is available below.

Channel Islands Beach CSD COS Report.pdf