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May contain: promontory and water

The Channel Islands Beach Community Services District is responsible for providing water distribution, sanitation, and refuse collection to the people of the District. In addition, the District is legally authorized, but not obligated to provide street maintenance and improvement, street lighting, undergrounding of overhead utilities, fire protection, and police protection. The District does not provide these additional services at this time as the District does not have sufficient revenues for any of these services. The ability of the District to provide these services in the future will depend on upon available revenues and decisions by the Board of Directors and the District electors. These additional services are provided by The County of Ventura in the unincorporated areas of the District and by the City of Oxnard within its boundaries.

The District has specific statuatory authority to collect user fees and charges for a given level of service; levy benefit assessxments; special taxes; or sell revenue bonds to finance improvements to the level of service.

The District currently serves about 10,000 customers via approximately 2200 service connections.