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Water Main Cleaning - June 2018

The District regularly cleans water mains to maintain the longevity of water pipes, reduce potential for pipe breaks, and improve water quality. The process removes sediment that has been built up in the pipes, which can temporarily cause cloudy and discolored water on the day that the water main is cleaned near your street. While not harmful, residents are encouraged to avoid using tap water for drinking and laundering during the time period when cleaning is being performed near your home,

The insert included in all May utility bills is available in the link below.

Insert - 2018 Water Main Cleaning.pdf

The operations team completed the water main cleaning on Friday, 6-15-18.

The water main cleaning should not affect your water until the cleaning is on/near your street and once they clean and pass your street, the cleaning should no longer affect the water in your area. Work will only be performed 8:30Am to 3:30Pm. Your water will not be as drastically affected outside of that time period. However, we recommend running your water (or a short and empty load of laundry) until clear to assure you are using water without stirred sediment. See answers to frequently asked questions below.



Pete Martinez
Deputy GM / Operations Manager
805 678 3051



No weekend work will be performed. All work is scheduled to take place between 8:30 and 3:30 each weekday, when most residents are at school or work.

Water Main Cleaning Project Schedule (2).jpg


Hollywood Beach
6/4 (Mon) to 6/7 (Thu)

6/6 (Wed) to 6/8 (Fri)
6/11 (Mon) to 6/12 (Tue)

Hollywood by the Sea
6/12 (Tue) to 6/15 (Fri)



Is it safe to use water when cleaning is being performed?

We recommend that residents avoid using the water during these times if possible. Cloudy or discolored water that may result is not harmful. However, residents are advised to run their cold water faucets until the water becomes clear before consuming. Also, please check for clarity before laundering clothes.


How should I prepare for Water Main Cleaning?

  • Draw and store water for cooking before your scheduled cleaning day
  • Store a large bottle of water in the refrigerator for drinking
  • Do laundry and run dishwashers in advance of your scheduled cleaning days.


When will the Harbor service area be cleaned?

The Harbor area is scheduled for NO-DES Treatment in the first half of 2019. Notification will be provided to Harbor lessees and businesses in advance of the scheduled cleaning.


Is water wasted when cleaning water mains?

Prior to new technologies being developed, water main cleaning used to waste a lot of water onto streets and storm drains. Now, the District uses a system called Neutral Output Discharge Elimination System (NO-DES). Instead of losing hydrant water to the street, the NO-DES system connects hoses to two hydrants and pulls water through a truck’s filter tank to remove sediment. The pressurized system has the ability to increase the velocity of the water to recommended flushing speeds, so sediment is effectively removed. Water is sent through the truck’s filter and returned back to the main, so minimal water is wasted. Additionally, the system includes sensors that detect when the water is free from sediment.


Should I turn off my R.O. System or Water Softener when my street is scheduled for water main cleaning?

R.O. systems and water softeners should be disabled, if possible. However, water main cleaning should not do any damage to R.O. systems and water softeners if they are left on.


The video below was developed by San Jose Water and captures the basics of the NO-DES technology.